ACES premises at 5 Parkview Avenue Brunswick East is about to undergo the redevelopment of the main administration building which houses the reception, kitchen, PAG rooms and dining and lounge areas.

Our Building Contractors, Jardon have commenced work already and we expect the building to be completed by the end of this year.

The works which include some demolition of the main building will occur at the end of February and into March.

Initial works will include:

  • Cordoning off the building works area which is to be demolished. This is the building where our current reception, kitchen, dining space and PAG rooms are.
  • Creation of temporary kitchen and reception areas for duration of works
  • An alternative reception and entry point into the areas not subject to construction will be set up over the next few weeks.
  • Areas not subject to construction works include the nursing home, Family Gathering place, hostel and KCAPS buildings.
  • Cordoning off part of the existing car parking with 10 spaces still available to ACES staff and visitors.

The next 12 months will mean a change in routine and disruption to our normal operations however, our Builders, Jardon are well aware of the need to support the continuing safe care of our Elders at Parkview Avenue and are organising their works accordingly.

These works are very important to the future needs of ACES, and while we regret the difficulties the works may cause in the short term, we also know they are necessary for the continued improvement of our service to our Elders and community.

ACES apologises for any inconvenience caused to our Elders, their families and loved ones and to staff during this period. We are seeking your understanding and patience during the construction works and continue with your commitment to ACES and our Elders.

Regular updates will be provided to you during the works.